Epoch CBG/CBD Oil

Epoch Lasers focus is to offer products which non-invasively help reduce pain and inflammation. Our CBG/CBD oil pairs effectively with our epoch-980 Laser and the InfraHelios Pain Management System.

CBG and CBD when paired together provide a synergistic effect which can deliver more efficient results for reducing pain and inflammation than CBD alone.

Crafted with the highest standards, ingredients and testing, this potent CBG/CBD blend absorbs quickly, cleanly and only a small amount is needed for treating localized, painful conditions.


Reduction of Pain and Inflammation – The synergy of CBG and CBD are better together than apart. This is called the entourage effect. Using the whole hemp plant rather than using a singular aspect, offers a boost in the health benefits and helps maximize the therapeutic effect.

Antibacterial/Anti-fungal – Both CBG and CBD have efficacy in this area, however, CBG is the powerhouse for alleviating these issues as well as for helping with Psoriasis/Eczema

Tested to comply with potency, pesticide, and solvent regulations which are enforced by the state of Oregon



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