A high quality therapeutic laser system, designed for you and your patients with reliability & ease of use.

the products

the epoch-980 class IV elite portable, state-of-the-art laser system provides portability and ease of use. with superior performance among other competitive brands, the epoch-980 is a true 980nm 20watt CW laser, which will benefit both physician and patient. the epoch-980 was designed and developed by a team of product engineers and therapists with over 50 years combined therapeutic laser experience. our patent pending technology is proud to be designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

the InfraHelios portable light systemâ„¢ is based on the same well researched light science as the epoch 980. single wavelength LED’s used at a lower power enables home use and provides additional relief in between office based laser treatments. the InfraHelios features 4 settings for power, velcro straps to enable easy attachment to the body.

the technology

the epoch-980 has four modes of operation:

  • continuous
  • dose continuous
  • pulse
  • dose pulse

flexible and easy to access user settings for power, pulse duration, pulse width, and dosage. the epoch-980 allows for quick patient memory programming for both predetermined and frequently used protocol settings. the user settings provide the customization of aiming beam brightness, operation beep volume, pitch and time. the laser beam profile is extremely at providing consistent laser light delivery across the entire beam spot size. coupled with a lightweight, comfortable hand piece and durable fiber optic cable, the light delivery system has been designed to minimize user fatigue while maximizing therapeutic light output.

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