epoch lasers

at epoch lasers, we are unique because our laser has been designed from the very beginning to provide healing light at the proper wavelength and power levels to maximize its success in treating patients who are experiencing pain for a variety of reasons. with a focus on the proper light wavelength, laser, optics, and the microelectronics that control them, we have set out to provide clinicians with a reliable, easy to use laser therapy system that will enhance their practice.

as chief operating officer, Jim Ohneck has been studying, researching and developing  lasers for over 30 years. from his first interaction with lasers used in ophthalmology to non-invasive lasers used today that help relieve pain, reduce swelling, and heal wounds.  Jim has always been fascinated about how to harness the full potential of light to help heal people.

over the past decade Jim has helped numerous clients realize their product designs, and has put focus on teaching physicians, clinicians and technicians how lasers work and interact with the body.

in 2018, laser. therapy. systems. grew with the release of the epoch laser system, which evolved as an advance therapy system commonly used for the treatment of acute or chronic pain conditions, as well as, for inflammatory conditions. Jim has established an IP for the product and has been approved to market the product.