epoch lasers

Class IV laser therapy device

At Epoch Lasers,  our Class IV laser is unique because it is designed to class iv laser flexible settingsprovide healing light at the proper wavelength and power levels. This maximizes success in treating pain.  Thus by focusing on the proper light wavelength, laser, optics, and the microelectronics that control them, epoch provides clinicians with a reliable, easy to use class IV laser that enhances their practice. 


As the Chief Operating Officer, Jim Ohneck studied, researched and developed lasers for over 30 years.  Briefly, his experience ranges from lasers in ophthalmology to today’s non-invasive lasers that help relieve pain, reduce swelling and heal wounds.  Jim’s fascination with lasers and how to harness light’s full potential to heal people continues today.

 Jim has helped numerous clients realize their product designs. Additionally, he focuses on teaching physicians, clinicians, and technicians on how lasers work and interact with the body.

Epoch lasers,  a subsidiary of Laser Therapy Services was created in 2018. Laser Therapy Services, an Ohio technology consulting company, founded in 2006 specializes in lasers, optics and microelectronic technologies.

The Epoch-980, a class IV laser therapy device, is the 4th generation product. It is a result of the technology and experience gained from Laser Therapy Services research and development. The Epoch Laser system helps treat inflammation, acute and chronic pain conditions. Jim established an IP and is approved to market the product.