Epoch Lasers

A high quality therapeutic laser system, designed for you and your patients with reliability & ease of use.

The products

The Epoch-980 class IV elite portable, state-of-the-art laser system provides portability and ease of use. As a semiconductor diode laser, it is a source for invisible and/or infrared radiation. The Epoch-980 is a high power laser therapy device which results in superior performance benefiting physician and patient.

High power laser therapy

The primary goal in developing the Epoch-980 was to address depth penetration factors to ensure maximum healing.  Since approximately 65% of delivered energy dissipates at the epidermis, high power energy is needed at the start.  Other factors considered for depth penetration include:

  • Spot size
  • Time
  • Power density
  • Wavelength
  • Delivery method

The Epoch-980 was designed and developed by product engineers and therapists with over 50 years of combined therapeutic laser experience. The patent-pending technology is proudly designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

LED Laser

In addition, Epoch Lasers created the  InfraHelios portable light system. This laser utilizes the same well researched light science as the Epoch- 980 but at lower power levels.  It incorporates the use of single wavelength LED’s which enables home use.  Thus patients are provided additional relief between office-based laser treatments.

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