restoring movement for patients

epoch is a high quality laser therapy system & is one of the fastest, most effective modalities therapists currently have to treat pain and inflammation. The epoch laser systems has been used to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries, including:

low back pain · shoulder pain · knee pain · foot pain · arthritis · tendinitis · spinal pain

how it works

the epoch laser systems initiates healing at the cellular level, allowing compounds related to pain & inflammation to be reduced by the laser, while healing & new tissue generation is stimulated at the same time.


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  • Patient: Jeannie Sawyer

    “My arthritis in my hands has been unbearable for years. I was introduced to the epoch laser treatment through my physical therapist and it has done wonders. I am able to utilize my hands with full movement and strength. The results have amazed me.  “

    Patient: Jeannie Sawyer
  • Physician: Dr. Daniel O’Conner

    “The epoch laser has been used in my facility for months now. Not only is the therapy laser easy to handle, the success that patients have witnessed just after 2 treatments is unbelievable. The decision to invest in this technology in our office has become a win for both patient and doctor.”

    Physician: Dr. Daniel O’Conner
  • Patient: Sara Postalk

    “I have been working with a physician and introduced to the epoch laser about 5 months. I was in an accident 3 years ago and had major damage to my left hand. This technology has allowed my hand the ability to grip again.  I was in shock that this laser has given me the ability to regain strength and 100% mobility. I would recommend any physician and/or patient that has the ability to use this product to do so.”

    Patient: Sara Postalk